The Power of Touch: Your 14 Days Guide To A Stronger Relationship

Did you know that physical touch releases vital hormones that enhance relationships and the sense of well-being? These hormones help give us a sense of comfort and help to attach us to people and relationships. Now what if you used this understanding to enhance your own relationship?

In The Power of Touch: Your 14 Day Guide to a Stronger Relationship, we give simple instructions on how to combine physical touch, communication, honesty, openness and exercises to enhance, heal and restore relationships. Each day begins with a practical explanation of basic relationship-enhancing principles, followed by simple and fun activities for you and your loved one to do to reinforce what you are learning.

Topics include:
– How to show love to your partner;
– The importance of retaining the proper perspective;
– Simple exercises to increase physical touch;
– And much more!

Whether you’re beginning a new relationship or enhancing the one you’re in, use this guide to combine touch and communication to enhance your relationship today! The Power of Touch is a must-have guide for your library!