The Honor of Her: The Benefit of Honoring Her in Life & Relationship

When it comes to women, we as men sometimes have no idea of the damage we cause when we don’t show them honor. When we are consistently selfish, abusive and hurtful to women, it doesn’t just hurt them, but it’s also very damaging to men as well. Every time a woman is disrespected, every time a woman is hurt, every time a woman is abused it also hurts the man that caused it. In, “The Honor of Her – The Benefit of Honoring Her in Life & Relationship”, we in the CENTRY League discuss why it’s so important to treat women with honor and respect.

This is much more than another positive principle, it’s a purposed lifestyle that we hope every male will accept and love, honor and respect the gifts he has been given in his mother, sister, wife and daughter. For every man who desires to treat a woman well and for those who have no idea what that means, this book is for you. Every brother of the CENTRY League is required to live this way and we invite every male strong enough to join us.