I SERVE, HONOR & PROTECT with the Heart of a SERVANT, SOLDIER & HERO that’s Always Fruitful & Multiplies.


Imagine a guy looking for purpose, wondering who he should be.

There’s goodness inside him, but evil is all he seems to see.

Like many others, he follows the negativity of the crowd.

Doing things that aren’t right and don’t make his mom proud.

He connects with a group of guys, that give, instead of take.

He questions their motives, and wonders if they’re fake.

But he joins them as a brother, and is surprised to see,

Their goals are much bigger, then he expected them to be.

They inspire, coach and mentor him, to become a man of love.

To find the greatness inside him, given from above.

He learns to value others, and to have a positive effect.

By purposely living his life to Serve, Honor & Protect.

He decides to Choose Greatness, and begins to learn and grow.

Impacting the world around him, as a Servant, Soldier & Hero.

We believe this is possible, as odd as it may seem.

We are The CENTRY™ League, and this is…

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The CENTRY™ League is a Brotherhood Organization with the Mission to inspire Males to Serve, Honor & Protect as Modern Day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes that have a positive impact on the lives of others and the world.

The CENTRY™ Curriculum includes our series of books, bundles and online courses that express our heart and mission to equip people, and especially males, with the tools needed to Serve, Honor & Protect as modern-day Servants, Soldiers & Heroes in their everyday lives.

The Online CENTRY™ League is our Online Community where we use online courses, videos and community to inspire, train and support individuals to Choose Greatness in their everyday lives.

Our DAD Content includes our DAD Book and Online Course that’s designed to help children, and especially sons, address their underlying hurts and concerns surrounding a missing or absent father.

The Greatest Among You Must Be A Servant.”

Our CENTRY™ League “Choose Greatness Personal Development & Mentoring Program” consists of our series of workbooks and online courses that we use to inspire and train males in 7 Specific Areas to help them Choose Greatness in life.

Our CENTRY™ League Online Store is where our brothers, members and fans can find CENTRY™ Gear, Accessories, Books and Bundles that express our core values to Serve, Honor & Protect in their everyday lives.

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