Selfish or Selfless: Which One Are You?

In every moment in life, we decide either to do something that benefits us or that benefits someone else. Every word, act and deed we take in life can be categorized as either a selfish act or a selfless act. You are either mindful of others or really not concerned about others. You either do things to benefit the people around you, or you do things to benefit yourself.

In “Selfish or Selfless: Which One Are You?,” we discuss how you can discover whether or not you are doing things that are selfish (about your own wants, your own needs, and your own desires) or whether you are doing things that are selfless (things that are about other people’s wants, other people’s needs and that benefits others). Do you know which one you are? Have you thought about why you do what you do and how it impacts the people around you? Use this information to learn how to discover whether you are selfish or selfless and how to change sides if you need to.