Didn’t You Forgive Me? How to Be Restored After Being Forgiven

You recognized you were wrong, you admitted to it and you apologized for what you did. However, it seems like the other person is still holding on to it. Why? Didn’t they forgive me? One thing that most people miss in the process of forgiveness is the steps needed to achieve complete restoration of what was lost. Saying “I’m sorry.”, is only the 1st step. 

In, Didn’t You Forgive Me? How to Be Restored After Being Forgiven: The Path of Forgiveness Part III, we explain why forgiveness is the first step that must be taken after any hurt has been done. However, restoration does not occur as easily. In this third, and final, installment of a three-book path toward complete and total forgiveness, we explain that there are specific concepts and thoughts that you must understand if you want to be restored after a hurt. Asking a person for forgiveness is vital and the first step. However, don’t forget to apply the other major concepts that are needed if you want total restoration. It can be done and this information will show you how.