What is CENTRY™

The word “CENTRY” is derived from the words “center” and “sentry”. The word “CENTER” meaning: “a principal point or place:”, and the word “SENTRY” meaning: “a member of a guard or watch.” From these two words, we create the combined or portmanteau word” of “CENTRY” which represents: “A Centered Soldier”

A “CENTRY / Centered Soldier” Serves, Honors and Protects others centered, or grounded, in the things in life that matter the most in life while creating fruitful relationships and having a positive impact on others. A Centered Soldier places others above himself and allows Gods love to flow from his heart, or the center of his being, in a way that benefits others and also himself.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a worldwide brand and brotherhood that supports and trains males to purposely “Serve, Honor and Protect” in their everyday lives based on biblical principles and standards. Our goal is to make the principles of service, integrity and honor, modern and relevant by helping males to live as positive examples to others, create fruitful habits, display honor, stand out as leaders and have the strength and character to live as a Servant, a Soldier, and a Hero despite the negativity that’s currently in our society.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a global movement and mindset within males that will equip them with the desire and tools needed to change the negative way women, children and others are viewed and treated. By spreading the concept of the CENTRY Hero and training and supporting brothers of the CENTRY League, we will change the lives of women, children and our communities by creating males, of all ages, races and backgrounds, that live every day of their lives as Servants, Soldiers and Heroes that Serve, Honor and Protect.


The CENTRY™ League

The goal of the CENTRY League is to inspire, support and train males to live and think in line with the mindset of a CENTRY. A CENTRY is a male that lives his life by incorporating the three core actions of Serve, Honor and Protect and the three core identities of a Servant, Soldier, and Hero. We believe that operating from these core actions and identities, will create the types of males that enhance the lives of women, children, families, marriages, communities, and the world. To accomplish this, we provide each CENTRY Brother and Recruit with the support, resources, and community needed to live his everyday life as a CENTRY Hero.


I Serve, Honor & Protect As A Servant, Soldier & Hero That’s Fruitful & Multiplies.

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